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"an extraordinary literary debut"
- BC BookWorld

"hilariously unromantic and refreshingly bitter"
- Elisabeth Harvor

"every bit as cheeky as the title suggests"
-ME Powell Mendenhall, SK Publishers

"an oddly compelling read, fixing our attention like a car crash"
- Ingrid Ruthig, Books in Canada

"Abdou confirms for us that the female frame is capable of holding within itself a multiplicity of complications and contradictions. [....] [The book's] message is inspirational and, I would argue, very important."
- Bronwen Welch, Victoria Times Colonist

"There is little luck involved in Abdou's growing success. The first book brought authentic introspection and ripe insight into intimate moments of daily life. Beautifully written, her style is intricate, taut, clever, and hip. It has a rhythmic, fluid quality, and the cultural cues are entertaining. Abdou is fluent, easy, and poetic in metaphor and simile: from "the land" that "rolls in a lullaby" to the dust on the road that is like "a cloud that's lost its place.  All of this augurs well for her coming novel."
- Jocelyn Thomas, Fernie Free Press

"It sure beats Chick-Lit. This book is not a guilty pleasure, just a pleasure."
- customer review on

"Abdou sometimes creates tension with undercurrents of death, violence, separation, or loss, but the overall tone of the writing is buoyant and rich with details that lighten the mood."
- ARTiculate magazine

Photo credit: Judy McMahon

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